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Audio-Cult’s web app makes creating, operating & editing audio tours easy and instant. No need for lengthy projects and initial acquisition costs.

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There is no need for an additional device or the development of an expensive app.

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Exciting stories make a visit a lasting experience.

Today, good audio tours are still associated with complicated and expensive projects. With Audio-Cult we want to change that and make a cost-efficient, professional and user-friendly solution accessible to all.

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Your visitors scan the QR code and can enjoy the tour directly in their smartphone browser.

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Why Audio-Cult?

Because it is the most user-friendly audio platform for guide creators.

Intuitive Creator

Create your own tours with a simple and intuitive platform

Audio Enhancer

Get studio quality with the touch of a button


No app required, users scan code and start tour

Smart Analytics

Track your statistics and get valuable insights

Functions that solve your problems


Our screen reader and transcript function was developed together with specialists.  


Archiving is at the heart of every museum. You can offer tours on a long-term basis and export content.

Team Collaboration

Work with teammates or external partners on a tour.

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Stay in personal contact with visitors - integrate your newsletter or call to action.


All user data is anonymized in compliance with the GDPR, which allows us to dispense with cookie banners.

Additional services

From scripting to tour production. We help with content production. With a network of professional authors and speakers, we create lasting experiences for your visitors.

Audio production

Recording, editing, mixing, mastering

Editorial office

Proofreading and editing


in a foreign language or audio description

"We are very happy with this format and we’ve received very positive feedback about the concept and how easy and straightforward the platform is to use."

Danaé Panchaud
Director, Centre de la photographie, Genève

"I am particularly convinced by the wide range of possible uses in the creation of content as well as the ease of use of this solution. Thanks to Audio-Cult, our museum team can independently develop creative content".

Tasnim Baghdadi
Head of Education and Programs, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst

"Audio-Cult makes us more accessible and its user-friendliness simplifies our processes internally and allows us to make changes independently and flexibly."

Jacqueline Uhlmann,
Head of Communcations, Löwenbräukunst

"Audio-Cult manages to respond to different institutions and their needs. With the user-friendly interface, it is possible to make adjustments quickly and independently."

Salome Hohl
Director, Cabaret Voltaire

Insights into projects

The stuff that stories are made of

How do you convey the fascinating story of a piece of clothing? At Museum Rietberg, the story of the kimono - and thus a piece of Japanese history - is on display.

(BLUE MOOD, Akira Times, 2019 © Akira Times Design: Rüdiger Schlömer, Fabia Lyrenmann)

Logo of the Edition VFO. A customer of Audio-Cult
Access to art
Tradition & Present
Edition VFO, the largest publisher of prints in Switzerland, makes collecting art possible for everyone - and offers the right audio guide with Audio-Cult.
Tours through temporary exhibitions

Audio description and accessible language lower barriers. Museum staff and artists provide visitors with gripping insights into the special exhibitions, which change 4 times a year. Since 2023, there has also been a guide to the history of the museum.
Logo of the Kunsthalle Zurich. A customer of Audio-cult.
Authentic mediation
Guided tours with artists and curators

The varied program of the Kunsthalle Zürich is presented by the people behind the exhibition - thus providing direct access for the public.
Logo of the Cabaret Voltaire. A customer of Audio-cult.
History of DADA
Exploring the historic DADA building

The audio guide not only takes you back to Zurich around 1916, but also expands and interrogates the historical view of Dada with contemporary, critical perspectives.
Quality and tradition
Facilitating the audio experience for the Swiss watch brand

IWC Schaffhausen uses Audio-Cult to create a unique experience for its exhibition at the world's largest watch fair (Watches & Wonders).
Collection in dialogue
Contemporary art education 

In the Wenzel-Hablik Museum, special exhibitions enter into dialog with the museum's own collection. Thanks to audio mediation, the exhibition becomes even more accessible.
Corporate Art Collection
Photography as a reflection of our present

The team at Vontobel Art uses Audio-Cult to provide employees and visitors with exciting insights and new perspectives.
Immersive storytelling
The story behind the picture

In the guide, artist Akosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah offers insights into her journey to southern Patagonia - and inspires not only visitors, but also the media (such as RTS and Le Temps).
Between Art and Science
Dialogue between art and science
The Collegium Helveticum
is a place of encounter and dialogue between the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, medicine and the arts.

Blog articles and learning content

How do I create an exciting audio guide?

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How can I create an audio guide myself?

Log in to the Creator with your smartphone or computer and create a professional tour directly in the browser. Easy as pie and your first tour is up and running in just a few minutes! You can enter a photo, an audio and a caption for each chapter. You can then directly download, print and share the automatically generated QR code for the tour.

How does the audio guide work?

Visitors scan the QR code with their smartphone and the audio guide then starts directly in the browser - simple and easy for young and old. So there is no need to install a tedious app and the focus is entirely on the experience of the exhibition.

Where does the QR code lead?

There are three options: The QR code can lead directly to the tour, directly to the desired chapter or to an overview with several tours. All three options are also possible in parallel:

1. To the tour homepage: If visitors scan this QR code, they can directly enjoy the tour from start to finish.

2. to the chapter: When visitors scan this QR code, the corresponding chapter will start immediately.

3. to the overview page with multiple tours: So you can combine multiple tours / languages under one QR code.

Does Audio-Cult offer support for the production of an audio guide?

Certain museums create everything themselves, others ask us for support. Both work excellently. That is, if desired, we are happy to support you in the conception and production. We offer various services at a transparent price: from selective consulting, recording, translation, to entire productions.

Can I give other team members access to the audio guide creator?

We offer you the possibility to work together with others on a tour. This function will be activated after consultation with Audio-Cult.

How much does it cost to create a tour with Audio-Cult?

Our wish is that as many people as possible have access to culture & knowledge in a simple way. That's why we offer the right solution for every institution. We are convinced that we have created the most cost-efficient and user-friendly audio solution for museums and visitors. You can find the exact prices here.

Do you have any further questions? Just write to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.