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A contemporary visitor journey with the most visitor-friendly audio guide experience on the market. Without an app and rental devices.

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Screenshot of the beautifully designed Audio-Cult audio guide and web-based museum app player in action.

Creating lasting experiences

Encourage your visitors to discover, experience and tell others. The Audio-Cult platform offers you an effective marketing tool to share content effortlessly and strengthen audience engagement.

Plain and simple

Scan the QR and start the tour. Visitors can listen to your tour with just one click. Beautifully designed and easy to use.

✔ For all smartphone browsers
✔ Without app and rental devices

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Screenshot of the Audio-Cult museum audio guide player in a webbrowser, with fast-forward, playback-speed and transcript feature.
Screenshot of Audio-Cult Audio Guide Accessibility function. This makes museums more accessible.


Accessibility is a matter close to our hearts. The screen reader function of the player was developed in collaboration with the Swiss Federation of the Blind.

✔ Screen reader
✔ Transcript function
✔ Multilingualism

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Offline function

Thanks to the automatic preload function, the audio guide continues to run without interruption if the internet connection is unstable. Ideal for buildings with poor reception or for visitors without mobile data.

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Screenshot of Offline Mode Feature of Audio-Cult's Audioguide player. Makes the Audio Guide work also with sparse internet connection, like inside buildings or underground.

Further functions ...

icon qr code scanner

Scan QR code

Scan the QR code and open the link in your web browser. You can access the audio tour with just one click.


You can switch between all available languages at any time.


Read texts in your language directly on your smartphone. Without having to bend down or stand in line.

Newsletter signup function

Subscribe to newsletter

Sign up for the newsletter and stay informed about upcoming exhibitions and events.

Data protection function


Don't worry - all user data is anonymized in accordance with the GDPR, which allows us to forgo cookie banners.

Icon Playback Speed

Playback speed

Determine the speed of the audio tour yourself and personalize your experience.

More tours

Discover more audio tours thanks to our tour overview using #Hashtags.

Feedback & evaluation

Evaluate the museum experience and give constructive feedback.

Social Media

Take the audio tour home with you, share it with friends and on social media.

Icon Chapter Overview

Chapter Overview

Switch between the individual chapters and see where you currently stand.

Icon Transcript


Read the transcription if you prefer to read.

Icon Museum Map

Floor plan

Use the floor plan of the museum as a guide to easily discover the exhibits you are looking for.

Success stories

Involving society

Recorded with a smartphone and collected by email, Helvetia has created an emotional retrospective of 80 years of the art collection. With contributions from people from the worlds of art, culture, politics and business.

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Breaking down barriers

A descriptive audio tour with screen reader function enables blind visitors to the Migros Museum of Contemporary Art to enjoy a self-determined visitor experience.

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Conveying emotions and context

The artist Akosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah created an audio diary for her exhibition at the Centre de la photographie in Geneva.

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Inspire visitors in your own way.

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