Audioguide Creator.

With Audio-Cult, you can design and manage your tours as easily as a social media account. Ideal for changing exhibitions and events.

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Screenshot of the beautifully designed Audio-Cult Audio Guide and web based Museum App editor in action.

With heart, charm and expertise

Create an audio guide in just 4 steps to increase the success of your exhibition. Create a professional audio guide in just a few hours with Audio-Cult.  

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Customize at any time

Experiment with the Audioguide Creator to see what resonates best with your visitors.

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Screenshot of the beautifully designed Audio-Cult Audio Guide and web based Museum App editor in action.
Screenshot of the Team Collaboration Feature. With Audio-Cult, Museum Teams can work collaboratively on creating and managing audioguides.

Collaborate with your team

Create collaborative audio tours together. Web-based and cross-device.

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Archive tours

Archiving is at the heart of every museum. With Audio-Cult you can offer long-term tours and export content.

✔ Download function
✔ Integrate & share URL
✔ Embedding in website
✔ Archiving on Audio-Cult

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Screenshot of the Audio-cult audio guide creator app, showing a list of my audio tours. One tour is public, one is private and there is a button for new tours to be created.

Why Audio-Cult?

Because we do everything we can to provide you with the best possible support in your work.

"A mediation tool without unnecessary chichi. The focus here is on storytelling and the charm of the originals."

Nathalie Loch

Head of Art Department

"Audio-Cult makes us more accessible and the ease of use simplifies our internal processes and allows us to make changes independently and flexibly."

Jackie Uhlmann, Head of Communications at Löwenbräukunst, in Zurich on her experience with the audioguide by Audio-Cult

Jacqueline Uhlmann

Head of Communications

"We are very happy with this format and have received fantastic feedback on the concept and the ease and simplicity of using the platform."

Danaé Panchaud Director at Centre de la photographie in Geneva on her experience with professional audioguides by Audio-Cult

Danaé Panchaud


"I am particularly impressed by the wide range of possible uses when designing content and the ease of use of this solution. Thanks to Audio-Cult, our museum team can develop creative content independently."

Tasnim Baghdadi, Co-Director at Migros Museum

Tasnim Baghdadi


"Audio-Cult manages to respond to different institutions and their needs. With the user-friendly interface, it is possible to make adjustments quickly and independently."

Salome Hohl


Further functions ...

icon qr code scanner

Generate QR code

QR codes can be downloaded directly for each tour and each chapter. In PNG and SVG format.


Each tour can be created in several languages. Simply select the desired languages and upload the corresponding content.


Make your hall texts available online. Reduce label and wall texts.

Newsletter signup function

Subscribe to newsletter

Stay in contact with your visitors - integrate your newsletter.

Data protection function


All user data is anonymized in compliance with the GDPR, which allows us to dispense with cookie banners.

Manage access

Decide for yourself whether, when and how your tours are accessible. For example, by restricting the time and location of use.

Group tours

Perfect for bundling all tours of the archive and museum. Add #Hashtags and make your tour findable.

Studio quality filter

Our AI filter enables studio quality directly from the smartphone. Less background noise, better sound.


For all common formats such as .mp3, .m4a and .wav. As well as image files in .jpg and .png. format.


Find out what your visitors like and what else they would like to see.

Usage figures

Thanks to evaluation and usage figures, you have data for improving your museum experience.

Social Media

Enable visitors to share and recommend tours.

Website integration

Make the audio guide accessible via your website and newsletter. Very easy thanks to linking or embedding.

Video integration

Add videos and design your multimedia guide.

Customizable design

Design the guide to match your corporate identity.

Contemporary mediation

Produce professional audio tours with fewer resources.


Create 10 x faster


5 x cheaper


Make changes

Create the tour that your museum is missing. 

Experience for yourself how easy it is to create an audio guide.
30 days free of charge. No credit card required.

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